The internet is a remarkable tool for communicating and relaying information — both for good and for evil. At Family Leadership Online, we want to “redeem” this tool for good and for God. Specifically, our desire is to equip your family to live with effectiveness, purpose, and joy — so you can help to expand God’s kingdom!

Come see (and listen) to a SAMPLE PREVIEW:
A quick intro lesson for “Kingdom-Focused Families”

Our vision includes utilizing various media tools, including:

  • Online Store — “real” books in both ebook and hold-in-your-hand formats
  • Online Radio Broadcasts — utilizing LIVE blogtalk radio and talkshoe
  • Online Mp3 Audios — Listen On-line or Download for “On-the-go”
  • Online YouTube videos — with encouragement and teachings
  • Online Webinars and Teleseminars
  • Online E-Courses for parents, youth, and children.

Future possibilities for E-Courses include:

  • LIVE Online: A Quick “Power Word” for Your Family. Mini mp3 audios for your family. recorded LIVE) — for parenting by faith and not by fear.
  • 3D Kids: Daring Dangerous Discipleship  – This discipleship challenge is not for wimps — but for kids who want to be dangerous men and daring daughters for God! The vision is for mini power-packed training videos — with practical keys for establishing a strong devotional life, fervent prayer, serious Bible reading and memory, following I Timothy 4:12 as young ambassadors for Jesus Christ.
  • E-Course 100: New Life in Jesus – One-week E-Course for New Christians (with Online e-book, worksheets, encouraging audios, and hold-in-your-hand follow-up books — in packs of 10 — for churches and ministers).
  • E-Course 101: Kingdom-Focused Families – An idea for a “Launch” class with Family Leadership Online — with 7 Parenting Keys from the Lord’s Prayer.
  • E-Course 102: World Missions and the Christian Family – Motivating families for God’s Great Commission, utilizing our Mission-Minded Child/Family set, and The Scarlet Cord (possibly with LIVE group coaching to address specific questions for families stepping out into full-time international mission work and ministry).
  • Next Generation Speech C.L.A.S.S.  – For young adults, high school, and middle school: Training audios. PDF guides. Includes motivation for fulfilling God’s purpose: Christian Leadership And Speaking Skills.
  • Daring Daughters (Mother-Daughter Mentoring): e-course and online Bible studies for moms and daughters to challenge each other to fulfill their goals and dreams (with LIVE online group coaching and teleconferencing).

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  1. Right now, as we are in the “prayer and development” stage at Family Leadership Online, we would love to get feedback from our friends and followers. Which areas of our vision sound most interesting to you and your family?

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