Parenting by Faith, not by Fear (mp3, PDF)

3-Part Parenting Training Workshop
With Jon & Ann Dunagan

Recorded at the OCEANetwork Homeschooling Convention
Portland Convention Center, Oregon

Highlights Include:

  • God does not want you living in FEAR, but in FAITH!
  • Get to the ROOT of your fears, and let God pull ’em out!
  • Why are you Homeschooling (are you motivated by FEAR, or FAITH?)
  • Like David ran to Goliath, run to your GIANT of FEAR!

  • 5 Big Fears
    (and 5 Solid Rocks from God’s Word)

    FEAR of educational inadequacies (“What if homeschooling ruins my kids?”)
    FEAR of man (“What are others gong to think? What if I don’t measure up?”)
    FEAR of danger (“What if my kids get hurt? How can I release my kids to the Lord?”)
    FEAR of hormones (“How do we do this whole courtship-dating thing?”)
    FEAR of a child falling away from God (“What if all we do is for nothing?”)

    Parenting by Faith, not by Fear
    PDF Worksheet

    Audio mp3 downloads
    (each approximately 20 minutes)
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3

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