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BIO — Jon & Ann Dunagan
JON & ANN DUNAGAN are longtime homeschooling parents of 7 children (born in 1986 to 2000, now with 3 married-in children and new grandchildren). Since 1987, Jon & Ann and their family have led mission outreaches to over 70 nations and to all 7 continents with Harvest Ministry — focused on winning souls, loving orphans, serving churches, mentoring Daring Daughters, and motivating families for God’s Great Commission.

Jon & Ann are authors of several books, including The Mission-Minded Family and The Scarlet Cord: Nothing but the Blood of Jesus.


Jon & Ann Dunagan & Family (2012/2013)

BIO — Jon Dunagan
JON DUNAGAN, Founder of Harvest Ministry (1987), is a Missionary Evangelist focused on the blood of Jesus Christ and God’s salvation. Both witnessing one-on-one and preaching to crowds of over 50,000, Jon has ministered in 65 nations and on every continent, including Antarctica. From Rwandan prisons to Russian polar-expedition ships, from worn-torn Sudan to the lush countrysides of Ireland, Jon will go “Anywhere, provided it be forward” (as quoted from David Livingstone).

He’s also an experienced wildlife safari guide, avid fisherman and salmon chef, husband to Ann (since 1985), homeschooling dad of seven and a new grandpa.


BIO — Ann Dunagan

ANN DUNAGAN is a longtime homeschooling mother of 7 children (born in 1986 to 2000, with 4 graduates, 3 married-in children, and new grandchildren). As an speaker with Harvest Ministry (to 35 nations), Ann is co-founder of Loving Orphans (caring for 1000 children), author of several books including The Mission-Minded Family (featured on Family Life Today and Revive Our Hearts), and founder of Daring Daughters. With a passion for the Lord and the lost, Ann motivates women and families for world missions.


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Are you trapped in a cycle of just being “BUSY”?
By ABIDING in Christ, God can set you free . . . into His fruitfulness.

FREE pdf download:

5 Steps to Breaking Free from BUSYNESS < < -- CLICK HERE

A. Abide in Christ

ABIDE in Christ, all throughout the day, especially through being in God’s Word.

B. Brain-dump

Get a BINDER and use it for BRAIN-dumping. Keep track of your BIBLE reading. Dump out your to-do’s and your dreams . . . and surrender everything to the Lord, spirit, soul, body. Get your BODY moving and keep your BRAIN at peace..

C. Clear the clutter

Emotionally, get rid of the clutter in your life. Clear out extra junk in your life, such as fear, worry, concerns, and emotional baggage. Cast your cares on the Lord. Light a CANDLE and remind yourself to live in God’s peace and to be a light for Jesus in the world.

D. Dare to Die

The Bible tells us that we are to be “crucified with Christ.” Jesus paid for it all on the Cross of Calvary and He is calling us to pick up our cross and to follow Him. We are to surrender everything to Him — all of our dreams and desires. Live a radical surrendered life.

E. Enjoy every moment.

The Bible tells us to delight ourselves in the Lord. Let’s enjoy life, right now. Enjoy God’s presence. His Name is “I AM that I AM.” He is the EVER-present One. He is EVERLASTING and ETERNAL. He is with us. We should be full of LIFE and JOY. Enjoy the beauty of the world (consider the lilies of the field and the birds of the air…) Enjoy the stars and the sun. If you’re married, enjoy your spouse. If you have kids, enjoy your kids. Enjoy your friends. Enjoy God’s life . . . to the glory of God.

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