Kingdom-Focused Families:

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Kingdom Focused Families:
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E-Course 101:
Reflecting Heaven as a Family
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Family Encouragement NOW ONLINE:

Like a coach’s half-time pep-talk, Jon & Ann Dunagan bring a quick encouraging word to help your family to focus on the VICTORY God desires. You may be at the top of your game and going strong, or you may be down and discouraged. Either way, God wants you to move forward with His HOPE and FAITH.
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In Preparation . . .for 2014

Kingdom-Focused Families: E-Course 101
12 audio sessions for parents and families.
Includes notebook pages and powerpoint slides.

What others are saying . . .

“Every family should hear this!! I can think of no one more qualified to speak on the subject. Thank you so much for being faithful to the call, there is such a need. I wish that I had heard it 20 years ago.”
— Julie Hansen, Christian Renewal Center :)

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